News from the skischool!!!

Dear Guests, Friends and everybody who visit this Website.

Because of internal changes we will change the programm from the skischool for the next winter.

Some things will be the same as before, some things will change and some things will be canceled from the programm.

We are very busy in the Moment to update the website, making new folders, change the programm and the prices. Thats why you will find not many informations from the skischool in the moment.

Please wait a little and check our website or facebook

to follow us to the next winter. I´m shure all of you will find a possibility to come back to us!

For all of you i wish you a nice spring and summer time and lot of fun with all your plans.

If you like to know what i am doing in summer visit me at Hotel Pichlmayrgut -

grenzen.los.Aktiv with Alex

With friendly greets and wishes

Alex and the Team from Ski- und Schneesportschule Biberwier

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